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Current Camera: Sony A7RII

So I recently decided to make the plunge into mirrorless.  In addition to being a photographer, I'm a techie through and through and this seemed like a great time to get into what feels like the future of photography, so I made the leap.

So far, the Sony A7RII has been pretty great.  Bit of a learning curve with all the features, but I'm really excited to see what this cutting edge sensor can do and really push it to it's limited out in the wild.

Along with the A7RII body, I did pick up the new 24-240 as an every day lens and I also picked up the 16-35.  Both are full frame and the 16-35 has received some pretty fantastic reviews, some even putting it on par with the legendary Nikon wide angle lenses, so I'm really excited to see how it compares.

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